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Well after 4 years im back

2015-03-05 20:15:59 by DJXeMeX

hello newgrounds fans..i apologise for being ghost for 4 years ..but im back :D ..btw this page im going to upload all my free music here can also check me out on soundcloud

im trying to submit asap (^-^)

hopfully you guys havent forgot me lol


well guys

2011-06-20 21:57:29 by DJXeMeX

im gunna have to be on a longer break or maybe stop making music.. i completly lost all my data in my harddrive .. more than 90 Gb of samples and plugins have been lost.. idk if i can recover this all but its all lost.. :l owell


2011-03-30 17:53:15 by DJXeMeX

ok what ima do is take a lil break for a while like a month or two until i fix things ...but guys tell me.. should i change my name just to XeMeX or stay with the old DJ XeMeX ? ... idk i dont like the XeMeX alone ..but tell me what u think :) ...dont be shy to comment lol

my facebook page /123236534410900 please like it :)


2010-12-17 08:49:09 by DJXeMeX

idk im just bored :O

ima start postin new songz

2010-10-03 22:12:41 by DJXeMeX

yea wat the subject said lol -_-

well .......

2010-09-15 17:28:13 by DJXeMeX

i have school so im barely on NG . .


2010-08-27 13:01:40 by DJXeMeX



2010-08-04 00:20:05 by DJXeMeX

I GOT MY INTER NET BACK :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS :) IDK z0kA

NO INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-07-21 17:49:32 by DJXeMeX

srry ppl but i have no internet ,,my internet provider is being a dick -____-..idk wen i can have internet..but dosnt seem soo :(..btw im on my friends computer thts y i can make this post....srry ppl

NO INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!